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Tombstone Black Silk Pillowcase 75cm x 50cm

Tombstone Black Silk Pillowcase 75cm x 50cm


Trip into your most poised sleep routine yet. The exquisite feeling of silk against your skin excels your beauty regime in ways you have only dreamed of. For skin and hair alike the smooth texture of silk allows your body to glide, causing no friction and ultimately softening the appearance of skin and hair. Silk, a natural heat regulator which ensures the perfect body temperature is maintained while you sleep. Crafted from digitally printed 100% silk, the finish is luxurious and comfortable with long lasting lustre. 

- 100% silk

- Standard pillow size 75cm x 50cm

- Made and printed in the UK

Silk pieces should be hand washed at 30 degrees to maintain a beautiful finish and quality. We recommend a silk or specialist detergent. Please do not machine wash or tumble dry and avoid using harmful chemicals for stain removal. Pieces can be ironed to restore shine to the silk satin after washing.